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Tucuvi's Virtual Nurse starts to be deployed in Portugal alongside Integr@atención

Tucuvi begins to work in Portugal in collaboration with Integr@atención, to help provide care to the elderly in rural areas.

Tucuvi begins to work in Portugal in collaboration with Integr@atención, to help provide care to the elderly in rural areas.

From Tucuvi we keep working so that every day more and more people have the continuous care they need at home, helping professionals with tools and information that allow them to make better decisions. Thus, we seek to reach all users, including the elderly, chronic patients, those who have less digital skills or those who live in more rural areas.

As a result of this commitment and our experience with more than 15,000 users, in 2021 we launched a new project in Portugal alongside Integr@atención, to provide care for the elderly in rural areas.  This project aims to promote the scaling of products and services for independent living, in order to accompany and monitor elderly people with dependency, disability or chronic illness at home through personalised calls.

Thanks to the work of the Intras Foundation and the Social Services of Castilla y León, our virtual assistant, Lola, has been able to reach Portugal through the Comunidade Intermunicipal do Douro and Health Cluster Portugal. Thus, we had different users in both Spain and Portugal, who received two types of follow-up from Lola: a daily one to assist them with medication; and a weekly one to promote good habits and perform cognitive stimulation exercises aimed at keeping the mind active.

Results of the pilot actions in different Integr@tención territories

In the same way that our virtual caregiver serves both as a tool for telemedicine and in the care of chronic patients, in Portugal it has been used to help users receive the continuous support they need. In this way, it has made them feel better cared for, improving their quality of life and therefore contributing to make the social and health care system more efficient.

Regarding users in Spain, we noticed 100% pharmacological adherence and 80% adherence to the cognitive stimulation exercises.

As a result, the Tucuvi platform has been considered a useful technology to support home care, as it facilitates the permanence of patients in their homes, fostering their autonomy and sense of well-being. In addition, the customization of the content of the calls to adapt to the situation of each user, along with the accompaniment of healthcare professionals, enhances quality of life and increases the perception of security and self-esteem.

With the use of this technology, users can feel more secure, because they know that they have continuous support. The virtual assistant can remind them of something they may have forgotten, keep track of their health, physical and emotional state and, in this way, prevent dangerous situations.

It is a privilege for us to partner with the Integr@tención members and offer our virtual caregiver and telemonitoring services in an international project, ensuring that our voice and artificial intelligence technology means that language and borders are no longer an obstacle to providing better care.

Together we keep working to bring the best possible service wherever it is most needed, reinventing the way we care.

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