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E-nnova Health 2021 Award: Tucuvi as a Patient Digital Empowerment Tool

E-nnova Health 2021 Award for the monitoring of advanced palliative patients using Tucuvi's virtual caregiver at the Vinalopó University Hospital.

E-nnova Health 2021 Award for the monitoring of advanced palliative patients using Tucuvi's virtual caregiver at the Vinalopó University Hospital.

The E-nnova Health 2021 Awards were created with the purpose of identifying and recognising digital health initiatives which add value, contribute to the sustainability of the system and improve the patient’s quality of life.  The best projects showing the highest potential of improving efficiency and care quality are sought out, with the aim of promoting the digital transformation of healthcare.

In its first edition, the award in the category of Digital Patient Empowerment went to the Vinalopó health department from the Ribera healthcare group, recognising the value of Tucuvi’s virtual caregiver project based on artificial intelligence and voice technology.

The virtual assistant is included in the palliative patient monitoring programme of the Vinalopó Home Hospitalisation Unit (HHU), with the objective of helping to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Telemonitoring with Tucuvi allows remote control of the condition and symptoms of HHU patients. The aim is to identify and treat relapses or any worsening of their underlying disease at an early stage, as well as the comorbidities associated with it. In this way, the integration of the Tucuvi virtual caregiver within the care process is a powerful tool to support health care.

The HHU of Vinalopó has been working for several months on the implementation of this initiative, in order to offer an additional, valuable and effective resource for patients and healthcare professionals. Between June and October, 142 patients with an average age of 78.6 years were included in the project, obtaining an excellent impact in terms of optimizing time and resources.

In relation to the results, there has been an improvement in the planning of the Unit’s activity, thanks to the incidents reported through the platform, as more than 90% of patients have generated at least one alert (adding up to more than 1,500 alerts in four months). As a result, this has a direct effect on healthcare, as it increases coordination and speed of interventions and helps reduce emergency room visits and hospitalisations. Specifically, emergency visits have been reduced by 20% and visits to health centers by 25%.

In terms of patient satisfaction, 96% of the patients positively rate the fact that Lola calls them once a week, and 64% agree that they would have needed to visit their doctor were it not for the calls. In addition, 100% of patients value the assistant’s usefulness and express their desire to continue with the follow-up.

From Tucuvi we would like to congratulate Dr. Maikel Ayo – Head of HHU Service -, María Luisa Quiles – Nurse Manager – and all the team of the Hospital Universitario del Vinalopó for this award and for all their work.

For us, it is always a source of joy to see the promotion of new technologies in the health sector that have a direct impact on patients’ quality of life. We keep working to achieve an efficient and accessible healthcare system for everyone.

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