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Tucuvi, winner project of the EmprendedorXXI Awards

Efficient health care at home is possible thanks to Tucuvi, winner of the EmprendedorXXI Awards.

Efficient health care at home is possible thanks to Tucuvi, winner of the EmprendedorXXI Awards.

The Entrepreneur XXI Awards are an initiative promoted by CaixaBank through DayOne, and are aimed at technology and digital-based companies that stand out for their capacity for innovation and high growth potential.

In its 14th edition, Tucuvi has been the winning project in both the Regional category (best startup in Madrid) and National (BienestarXXI challenge), experience that we share in the following interview.

What is the differential value of your project that you think has made you win this award?

Accessibility, simplicity, transversality and technology. Tucuvi has developed a platform based on state-of-the-art algorithms of conversational artificial intelligence, and has managed to adapt it to the real situations of the population by deploying them through our virtual caregiver by phone. We bring the latest in healthcare technology to all types of homes, and have demonstrated an optimization in the time of professionals, and a very high satisfaction in patients being cared for.

We believe that what has won us this award is the traction and potential that Tucuvi has to transform healthcare, allowing healthcare systems to provide much more personalized care at scale.

How do you think that your proposal makes you a reference or future reference in innovation in your autonomous community?

The first thing we get with Tucuvi are patients who feel better cared for, and who improve their health outcomes and quality of life. This is possible because we provide healthcare professionals with a tool that allows them to: have all their patients monitored, regardless of their pathology or their technological capabilities; streamline their daily lives, plan better and optimize their time; and make better decisions based on the data from the conversations.

All this contributes to improving health outcomes, reducing the number of emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations, and therefore making the healthcare system more efficient.

Transforming healthcare is the responsibility of the entire industry to create alliances and be aligned. We are working to become a technological reference in conversational artificial intelligence in healthcare, and to create alliances in the definition of care processes for patients at home.

"It has been a very enriching experience, thanks to being able to learn first-hand how entrepreneurship is developed in other countries and, above all, to be able to share time with other entrepreneurs.

This is a great recognition and visibility for the company, and it is a joy and enormous motivation for the whole team. It encourages us to keep moving forward and working to achieve accessible and efficient healthcare for all."

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Efficient health care at home is possible thanks to Tucuvi, winner of the EmprendedorXXI Awards.
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