Tucuvi, conversational technology and Artificial Intelligence to take care of patients | Interview in Planeta Chatbot

Planeta Chatbot is an information portal about chatbots, voicebots and artificial intelligence written by expert contributors from around the world.  From Tucuvi we would like to thank them for making our work visible and sharing how we use voice technology and artificial intelligence to achieve better patient care.

Artificial intelligence and technological resources are being implemented more frequently within the healthcare sector. The Tucuvi Platform offers an artificial intelligence-based voice caregiver to remotely monitor patients through personalized conversation protocols.

The virtual caregiver is called Lola and is based on voice technology and natural language processing, and automatically contacts patients according to the frequency set by the healthcare professional. Through phone calls, Lola converses with patients, empathizes, analyzes conversations in real time and returns structured information to the clinical team to assist them in decision making.

Our goal is to make healthcare more accessible and more efficient so that patients have better care and, with it, a better quality of life.

For us it is essential that patients feel accompanied at all times. For this reason, Lola is 100% conversational and to nurture her personality, we adopted traits of the healthcare personnel and experts we were talking to and interacting with the conversational assistant. All this has led us to patients describing Lola as affectionate, close, friendly and polite, adjectives of which we are very proud.

In the following link, we share the full interview:

Tucuvi, conversational technology and Artificial Intelligence for patient care

Taking into account the increase in chronic pathologies and the aging of the population, Tucuvi continues working to help professionals to plan care in a more efficient and personalized way, increasing the quality of life of patients, responding to their needs and improving home health care.

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