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Tucuvi receives the Fenin Award for Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Technology 2021

The Award for Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Technology 2021, presented by the Fundación Tecnología y Salud in collaboration with Fenin, has been given to Tucuvi

The Award for Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Technology 2021, presented by the Fundación Tecnología y Salud in collaboration with Fenin, has been given to Tucuvi

The Fundación Tecnología y Salud, in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (Fenin), has presented the “Technology and Health 2021” Awards, in recognition of the contribution of Healthcare Technology to improving population health and quality of life.

The main aim of both entities is to disseminate and increase the visibility of the benefits and value of Health Technology, in order to increase the capacities of the National Health System. Thus, equity of access to healthcare is promoted, improving quality of care and safety for patients and professionals.

Through these awards, the work of seven personalities, projects and initiatives in the healthcare field has been recognised, with the aim of promoting the knowledge of the patients regarding innovative therapies and technologies. In addition, the objective is to enhance prevention and self-care and to facilitate the work of healthcare professionals.

"We must work to achieve the necessary technification and humanisation at all levels of care and in every corner of hospitals, patients' homes and residential homes for the elderly".

Fernando Bandrés, President of the Technology and Health Foundation

Tucuvi has received the “Fenin Award for Entrepreneurship in Healthcare Technology 2021”, thanks to its virtual care platform aimed at the continuous monitoring of chronic and acute patients from home.

Tucuvi’s virtual caregiver, based on artificial intelligence and voice technology, allows patients to be monitored remotely through personalised conversation protocols. The aim is to detect and treat possible relapses or any worsening of the underlying disease in advance.  To do so, the voice assistant, Lola, calls patients by phone, checks their condition through questions previously defined by the clinical team, and sends structured, prioritised information with alerts to healthcare professionals.

The integration of Lola into the care process provides a tool to help professionals, enabling active and constant monitoring of patients, thereby increasing the continuity of hospital care.

From Tucuvi we would like to thank the Fundación Tecnología y Salud for this recognition, as it is a great opportunity to raise visibility of the value and impact that our technology is bringing to patients and professionals. We would also like to congratulate the other award winners for their work, projects and contributions to the world of healthcare.

We keep working on the development of innovative and effective technology that helps patients take better care of themselves and to provide professionals with information that helps them make better decisions, thereby promoting a more accessible and efficient healthcare system.

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