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Tucuvi receives the award for the most scalable startup at South Summit Health&Wellbeing Valencia 2021

At Southsummit Valencia 2021, the award for the 'Most Scalable' startup has been given to Tucuvi.

At Southsummit Valencia 2021, the award for the 'Most Scalable' startup has been given to Tucuvi.

Receiving an award is always a source of joy and a symbol of recognition for the work that has been done, but receiving the award for the “Most Scalable” startup at the South Summit Valencia 2021 also provides a sense of pride and responsibility to all of Tucuvi’s team. This award gives us the energy we need to continue working to improve healthcare, so that everyone can achieve a better quality of life.

Health is, and has always been, one of the most important factors in the quality of people’s lives in any country. Therefore, this industry is in constant development, innovating and researching different ways to improve the state of wellbeing.

The first edition of ‘South Summit Health & Wellbeing València’, has shown the world the high potential of the Valencian ecosystem, promoting it as a model of innovation. A meeting that seeks to impulse innovation in health and wellbeing to build a sustainable future.

Among the winners are other impressive startups such as Predictiv, Dive Medical, Gate2Brain and DAWAKO MedTech Monwoot.

Congratulations to the winners and all the finalists!

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