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Tucuvi receives financing from the NEOTEC 2021 program and the innovative startup seal.

The NEOTEC programme finances new business projects for innovative small enterprises that require the use of technologies.

The NEOTEC programme finances new business projects for innovative small enterprises that require the use of technologies.

Tucuvi receives the NEOTEC financing plan

We are extremely proud to announce that the project titled “Artificial Intelligence technology for chronic patient monitoring through natural language processing and predictive modeling”, presented by Tucuvi, has been financed with 325.000€ by the 2021 NEOTEC edition. For us, it means an enormous opportunity to continue our work in the development of innovative and effective technologies that can generate value for both patients and healthcare professionals.  

The NEOTEC grant program offers financing to promote the creation, development and consolidation of new technological companies in Spain. A technological company (TC) centers its activity on products or services that require the use of technologies and knowledge that are born from research activities. Therefore, TCs base their business strategy on scientific and technical knowledge and the creation of proprietary R&D avenues.

The goal of the NEOTEC grants, included in the business R&D&i state subprogram, is to promote technology and innovation as competitive factors for the development of businesses. Furthermore, it seeks to increase, extend and systemize both investment and the execution of R&D activities, supporting technological innovation.

We are an innovative startup!

The ministry of science and innovation has granted Tucuvi the seal of innovative startups until the year 2025, for the development of innovative conversational technologies applied to the medical field.

This distinction is granted to Spanish companies that meet certain requirements, such as having received public investments in the past three years and having proven their capacity of innovation through their activities.

At Tucuvi, we use artificial intelligence and voice technology to automate clinical phone calls, with the goal of providing remote care for patients at their own homes. Our clinical virtual assistant, Lola, calls patients on their phones and monitors their health through custom conversation protocols. As the patients speak, information is extracted from the conversation and sent to the healthcare professionals in a structured and prioritized way, with alerts.

The integration of Lola in the assistential process provides healthcare professionals with a support tool, enabling an active and constant monitoring of their patients, and therefore increasing the continuity of medical care.

We continue to work to provide professionals with information that can help them make better decisions, resulting in an improvement of the care received by their patients and promoting a more efficient and accessible healthcare system.

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