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How are we helping to take care of COVID and COPD patients? | Tucuvi at the Torrejón Hospital (Madrid)

Remote followups with Tucuvi are being used to improve care of COVID and COPD patients at the Torrejón hospital (Madrid).

Remote followups with Tucuvi are being used to improve care of COVID and COPD patients at the Torrejón hospital (Madrid).

Telemonitoring with Tucuvi is being used at the Hospital of Torrejón (Ribera Salud Group) by the Home Hospitalization and Pneumology unit. Lola, our virtual assistant, is included in the COVID and COPD patient followup programs.

Remote monitoring with Lola enables the identification and early treatment of relapses and other situations which indicate a worsening of the base illness, in a structured manner and with alerts. This eases workflow optimization for the medical teams, focusing on patients that require more intensive assistance. This way, we are easing the assistential load of professionals, while at the same time improving the continuity and quality of care provided for the patients.

Furthermore, all our protocols are fully customizable both in terms of symptoms as well as alerts, which allows us to cover and adapt to the needs of each patient. We can offer personalized attention that provides peace of mind, security and accompaniment both to patients and their families or caretakers.

The use of artificial intelligence implies using a tool to improve our management of a medical reality, cronicity; and that the entire medical team is standing behind to offer high quality care to these types of patients.

María Soledad Alonso Viteri - Chief of the Pneumology Unit at the Torrejón University Hospital.

This way, integrating Tucuvi’s virtual caregiver with the assistential process has become a support tool for professionals, helping them control the clinical evolution of all their patients and improving medical assistance at home.

In the following link we share a video explaining how we are helping to take care of COVID and COPD patients:

From Tucuvi, we would like to thank Dr. Manuel Mirón (Chief of the Home Hospitalization Unit), Dr. Soledad Alonso (Chief of the Pneumology Unit) and the rest of the team at the Torrejón Hospital for trusting us and for all their hard work.

Healthcare organizations – which are dealing with both the aging of the general population and the downsizing of hospital units – need support to manage assistance at scale. For this reason, we have built an interoperabilidad platform that is agnostic to pathologies and services. This approach allows healthcare organizations to create tailored attention plans that are scalable and can satisfy the unique needs of patients with chronic and episodic illnesses.

For us, It is a source of great happiness to see our technology advance and to be able to help patients get better assistance. We continue to work to achieve a healthcare system that is efficient and accessible to all, improving quality of life at home.

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