Automatic and empathic monitoring of all your patients

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AI platform for empathic automation of
medical phone monitoring

To be used stand-alone or fully integrated with your EHR via API, following interoperability standards as FHIR.

LOLA - Tucuvi’s virtual medical assistant

Lola works hand in hand with healthcare professionals, helping them scale their capacity to provide frequent care to more patients.

Lola is in charge of making follow-up phone calls to patients, to accompany them and monitor their health.

How it works - Journey

Disruptive health-tech that complies with the most robust data protection standards, easy and quick to integrate with existing solutions.


Cutting edge, secure and interoperable AI
medical technology

Automate a clinical protocol for your patients adapted to your clinical practice.


NLP algorithms with the highest accuracy on the market

Human-like latency and conversations. Forget about IVRs

Security & Regulatory

CE mark as a medical device

Pathology agnostic

GDPR compliant

ISO 27001 and ENS certified

Integration & Interoperability

Fully operable via API in many languages

Following HL7 interoperability standars (FHIR, HL7V2)

Accessible, high-quality and patient-focused healthcare

No internet, no new devices, no apps

Patients conversations with Lola


Patient adherence to
the calls


Overall patient satisfaction

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