Tucuvi as a telemonitoring tool in Home Hospitalisation Units

The integration of Tucuvi's virtual caregiver within the care process is a powerful tool to support health care, especially in home hospitalisation units.

At Tucuvi we appreciate the importance of understanding the needs and demands that can be found throughout the healthcare system, in order to offer a tool that helps professionals in the decision making process and in the management of resources.

Within this approach, an important sector are the Home Hospitalisation Units (HHUs).  Hospitalisation at home (HaH) has established itself as an effective alternative to conventional hospitalisation, with the aim, on one hand, of reducing hospital stay or even avoiding it, and on the other, of mitigating the adverse effects of such hospitalisations, such as nosocomial infections or worsening mood. Palliative care, post-surgery care, transfusions at home and care of complex chronic patients constitute the majority of the care activities of the HHUs.

Among the telemedicine sector, HHUs represent a field of practice that is gradually gaining ground, helped along by the Spanish Society of Home Hospitalisation (SEHAD), which recently held its 15th National Congress in a virtual format.

"Telemedicine can radically change the organisation of our services and the clinical act, and will therefore become another working tool, like other therapeutic or diagnostic elements.

Telemedicine Round Table, XV SEHAD Congress (1 October, 2021)

Telemonitoring with Tucuvi allows remote tracking of the condition and symptoms of HaH patients. The aim is to identify and treat relapses or any worsening of their underlying disease, as well as the comorbidities associated with it, at an early stage. In this way, the integration of Tucuvi’s virtual caregiver within the care process is a powerful tool to support health care.

The virtual assistant allows active and frequent patient remote monitoring, while promoting their well-being, privacy and comfort, providing peace of mind and saving time when travelling to the hospital.

Taking into account the increase of chronic pathologies and the ageing of the population, at Tucuvi we keep working to help professionals manage and plan caregiving in a more efficient and personalised way, increasing patients’ quality of life, responding to their needs and improving healthcare at home.

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