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Lola, the clinical virtual assistant that connects chronic patients with the health system. Tucuvi on La Sexta

In Tucuvi we work to make chronic patients feel accompanied and better cared for at home.

In Tucuvi we work to make chronic patients feel accompanied and better cared for at home.

Chronic diseases constitute a public health problem of enormous and growing importance. In recent years there has been an increase in their prevalence, which is compounded by the progressive aging of the population. Chronic patients are one of the groups with the highest risk of hospitalization, and require a high use of healthcare resources, mainly derived from disease exacerbations and pharmacological prescription.

Due to this, in Tucuvi we work to help healthcare professionals to plan care in a more efficient and personalized way, improving healthcare at home. To this end, we have developed Lola, our voice-driven clinical virtual assistant.

Lola is based on artificial intelligence and natural language processing, and allows remote monitoring of patients through phone calls. During these calls, Lola converses with patients and asks them about their symptoms and health status. At the same time, our algorithms analyze the conversation and send the structured information and alerts to clinicians in real time to help them make decisions.

I am delighted with life. The moment you feel sick, you tell the machine: my chest hurts or I have tightness, and the doctor quickly calls you back.

Rosario Fernández, patient in Pneumology at Hospital Universitario de Torrejón.

Remote monitoring with Lola enables early identification and treatment of decompensation or any worsening of the underlying disease, making it easier for clinical teams to focus on those who need the most assistance. In this way, we are helping both to reduce the care burden on professionals and to increase the continuity and quality of care provided.

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'Lola', the virtual nurse that connects chronic patients with health care

We would like to thank La Sexta for making our work visible and sharing how conversational technology is being used to achieve better care for chronic patients.

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