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Promote patient-tailored therapies while magnifying patient adherence

Boost patient adherence to 95% rates, while providing symptoms data to healthcare teams to enable the best personalized care and therapy for patients.

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Our solution for common problems

Common problem

Lack of proper monitoring of long-time patients, missing new symtopms that lead to therapy change.

our solution

Faster detection of new symptoms and disease progression.

Alert healthcare professionals to change therapy.

Common problem

Burden of healthcare professionals following up to a new treatment to quantify value, highly time consuming.

our solution

Automate new therapies follow-up.

Receive periodic reports of patients more reported symtopms and concerns.

Common problem

High drop-out of patients in clinical trials, as well as <50% patient adherence to therapies.

our solution

Demonstrated +95% patient adherence in +12months follow-up.

4.8/5 patient satisfaction thanks to a personalized experience.

Better disease management through automating evidence-based clinical protocol follow up, empowering patients and providing real time data for HCPs.

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Evidence-based clinical protocols

Our protocols include monitoring parameters, symptoms and alerts adapted to each pathology and fully customisable.

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Accessible, high-quality and patient-focused healthcare

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