Insurance companies

Optimize clinical workflows, improving patient’s health
and satisfaction

Optimize your services to provide patients with attention of the highest quality, accompanying them during their journey, responding to real needs and improving their experience in the care process.

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Our solution for common problems

Common problem

Missuse of high-cost medical services, with general guidelines that are not adjusted to their casuistry.

our solution

Design targeted patient cohorts with specific actions.

Customized protocols tailored to the needs of each patient.

Common problem

Traditional care processes can be long and tedious, with non-optimised workflows and wasted resources.

our solution

Optimization of medical consultations collecting patient data pre-visit.

Strengthen relationships with your healthcare providers.

Common problem

The care provided to patients is not continuous, which makes them feel careless and out of the process.

our solution

Accompany patients on their entire journey, generating value that matters to them.

Increase NPS and boost patient retention.

Providing valuable patient health information to understand real needs, optimise internal processes and offer appropriate and efficient care options when required.

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Evidence-based clinical protocols

Our protocols include monitoring parameters, symptoms and alerts adapted to each pathology and fully customisable.

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Accessible, high-quality and patient-focused healthcare

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